Upgrade the Safety of your Home!

Protecting your home along with the people and things inside is important! Here are a few tips on how to upgrade the safety of your home!

1. Upgrade to a Smart doorbell.

Smart doorbells not only record and notify you of any movement at the front door, but they also act as a repellant for any burglars.

2. Get to know your neighbors

This may seem like a simple task, but having extra eyes on the lookout for any suspicious activity around your house while you're away can be extremely helpful.

3. Strengthen your windows

Glass windows are easily breakable. Investing in window security film can prevent your windows from shattering if anyone tries to break a window to enter your home.

4. Close curtains and blinds when you aren't home and at night.

Closing your curtains and blinds stops intruders from being able to see any valuables in your home. A home with visible, expensive items or appliances is more likely to be broken into than a house where an outsider can't see what valuables are inside.

5. Invest in a Home Security System

Weather you get an in-home camera or a motion detector, home security systems will give you an extra sense of safety no matter if you're home or away. Similar to a smart doorbell, security signs in your yard will also repel potential burglars.

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