Moving with Pets

Moving day is coming up soon, and on top of having to move and adjust yourself, you've got a furry (or scaly) best friend to bring with you. So how do you do it!?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting ready for the big day!

- Keep your pets away from the action.

Keeping your pet away from all of the commotion of moving will help to reduce their stress levels before such a big change. Consider even letting a friend or family member dog-sit (or cat-sit) on moving day.

- Keep a close eye on your escape artist pets.

It's a smart idea to use a pet carrier to transport your furry friend to your new home. Wait until you are inside the house to open the crate to avoid your pet running away and getting lost in a new area.

- Keep the same routine.

After giving your pet a tour of the new home, make sure to keep the same routine with feeding, walks, or play time. Change can be overwhelming for pets (just like it is for humans), so be sure to give your pet some extra love while they adjust to the new smells and space.

- Update their information.

After you are finished moving, don't forget to update name tags with your new address. You should also call to update their information at the vet or have their records transferred to a new vet if needed.

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