Moving Mistakes to AVOID

In the middle of all the chaos of moving, it's easy to forget some steps. Take a look at some of the common moving mistakes to avoid. Save this post to come back to later when you're nearing your moving day!

❌Forgetting to change your address.

A good place to start is to notify your post office to forward any mail to your new address. You should also update your license and notify the bank, your employer and any financial agencies you use. A good source to find a more comprehensive list can be found at !

❌ Forgetting a moving checklist

Don't forget to write a moving day checklist and a pre-move checklist. This will keep you organized and make sure everything gets done and put in the right places.

❌ Not asking for help.

It never hurts to ask friends, family, or a moving service for help when moving. Asking for help can save you a lot of time and energy!

❌Forgetting to cancel utilities.

Make sure you contact the utility company to cancel utilities at the old home and update them with your new address.

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