Sellers' Tips!

If you are planning to put your house on the market this soon, it goes without saying that you are hoping to sell your home as quickly as possible and get your asking price. Set the stage for success with these selling tips.

· Half-empty closets. Storage is something that every seller is looking for. You should take half of your belongings out of the closets and neatly organize what is left. Half-empty closets make the space look twice as big. Buyers like to look, so it is important to keep everything neat and tidy.

· Improve your curb appeal. First impressions are important! The exterior of the home is often one of the first things a buyer will notice. Keep the lawn freshly mowed and pull any weeds out of the flowerbeds. You could also lay fresh mulch and trim the bushes. Adding new light fixtures outside your home and a fresh coat of paint on the front door can both quickly amplify your curb appeal.

· Brighter is better! Good lighting is key. You should maximize the light in your home. Open the curtains, clean the windows, and use natural lighting to your advantage. Increasing the wattage in your lightbulbs and adding updated light fixtures will also help. Good lighting gives the illusion of more space, and that is something that every homeowner is looking for!

· Get professional photos taken. Professional photos will catch the eye of potential buyers. They will notice your home online and want to see, which increases the odds of a quick sell.

· Stage your home. A clean home shows potential buyers that you have taken good care of the property. Remove personal photos and rearrange furniture for maximum space. Consider hiring a professional home stager to help.

· Agree to open houses! You should keep your home ready to show. Keep everything picked up because you never know when you may have a potential buyer. Don’t leave dishes in the sink. Make sure bathrooms stay clean and remove any dust bunnies or cobwebs from the corners.

· Declutter your home! One of the most cost-effective home selling tips is to make your home clutter-free! You want to maximize the space in the home. The more clutter, the more uncomfortable things will feel. Go through everything and clear out all the non-essentials.

· Address all odors. Smell is powerful and can easily drive someone away from buying your home. However, you may not even realize the smells are there. If you have pets, make sure they can be taken elsewhere for open houses. Pet odors can kill a home sale if buyers fear they cannot get rid of the smell. Don’t take the chance of losing a sale!

· Consider a pre-inspection. It is likely the buyer will do an inspection as part of the purchasing process. You can avoid any surprises and fix any issues beforehand with a pre-inspection. A pre-inspection will allow you to find out the exact condition of the property.

· When is the best time to sell? The best time to sell is in a seller’s market. This is when there are more people looking to buy a house than there are homes listed to sell. A seller’s market gives sellers the power of negotiation and can result in your home selling for over the listing price.

· Keep paint shades neutral. Dark, dreary colors can shrink the perception of space. Old, stained paint makes rooms look decrepit. It is important to stick with neutral colors. If shades are already neutral colors, think about applying a fresh coat. This can make a room look new!

· Floors. One of the features that many buyers will focus their attention on will be the flooring. If floors look worn, you can renew their look with water-based products from the home store. This can make an old worn wood floor shine!

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