Kitchen Staging Tips

The kitchen is the heart of your home and often one of the larger deciding factors for buyers. Here are a few tips for making your kitchen to-die-for.

1. Declutter!

This tip is listed first for a reason! Crowded counter space can make your kitchen look smaller than it really is, so cleaning off your counters (even small appliances like blenders and toasters) can make a huge difference in illuminating the space you have. When it comes to decluttering, think HGTV or Southern Living Magazine - THAT level of clean.

2. Squeaky Clean

Speaking of clean, make sure to deep clean ~everything~ from the countertops down to the inside of the fridge. It should all shine. A clean kitchen shows your home has been well taken care of. Consider even hiring a professional to come make your kitchen sparkle.

3. Paint and Hardware

A fresh coat of pain can work wonders when it comes to staging a kitchen. Consider colors that compliment your countertops or neutral colors like white, beige, and gray. Another inexpensive option is to upgrade the hardware in your kitchen with new cabinet knobs or pulls and new updated light fixtures.

4. Add a pop of color.

The opportunities here are endless. Adding color with herbs in the windowsill or with flowers in a pretty vase will bring both a pop of color and a fresh, lively feel to your kitchen. If having a green thumb is not one of your many talents, you can use fresh fruit in a bowl on the counter, decorative oven towels, and even a runner/rug on the floor to bring out some color in the room.

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