Easy tips on how to style your coffee table!

I won't even lie - I can easily spend hours searching on Pinterest for "easy" ways to decorate spaces in my home and still end up not a single bit closer than when and where I started. Today, I'm saving you the time and the heartache! Here are just a few actually easy tips on how to style your coffee table!

  • Add something green! Pick your favorite flower to show off or even a cute, small cactus if having a green thumb isn't one of your strengths (no judgement here!).

  • Books! You can add a short stack of books or magazines to create some variety on your coffee table.

  • Use varying heights. With this tip, you can get creative! You can use candles with different heights, fun geometric shapes, or even a stack of coasters if you're in a rush to create your space and move on.

To sum it up, if you want a super quick and easy way to style your coffee table, grab a book, a candle, and a succulent or some flowers! Lay them out on the table, and viola! You're done!

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