Countertops! Which is which?

Apart from the curb appeal of your home, your kitchen is one of the first and most important things that potential buyers are looking for! Keep reading for a quick cheat sheet on some of the more popular countertops!

  • Quartz!!! Quarts is incredibly low maintenance, strong, and resistant to bacteria. Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous, so it doesn’t need continuous resealing over the years. All of these factors come together to make quartz one of the best options (if not the best option overall) for kitchen countertops.

  • Marble - If you’re looking for a bit more character in your countertops, marble is a good way to go. These countertops add a boost of personality to your kitchen while still giving off a minimalistic and elegant, modern look.

  • Butcher-block - This style of countertop has proven itself to the test of time. Butcher-block can be easily paired with a plethora of aesthetics ranging from class to modern designs with light or dark colors.

  • Honed Finishes - Honed (or matte) finishes can be added to many different materials to give your kitchen countertop a more sophisticated look. Unlike polished, shiny surfaces, honed finishes conceal scratches, fingermarks and other spots.

  • Concrete - Concrete countertops can give your kitchen both a modern and industrial style at the same time. Like quartz concrete countertops don’t require continuous resealing which makes these countertops an excellent choice for anyone looking for low maintenance and high durability.

Whether you’re looking for a kitchen upgrade to sell or to enjoy for yourself, any of these kitchen countertops would be a great place to start! If you have any questions, feel free to call to get connected to an agent! 601-825-2698

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